City of Anoka requests Amtrak stop

May 20, 2022

The City of Anoka has formally requested that Amtrak trains stop in their city. All Aboard Minnesota endorses this request. As two thirds of the Twin Cities metropolitan population lives in Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs, a stop in the northern portion of the metro would make it easier for these residents to access Amtrak trains than St. Paul Union Depot. The current Northstar Commuter rail platform and parking lot could be utilized without additional investment we believe. All Aboard Minnesota supplied a support letter for the City of Anoka to Amtrak, posted below:

Support Letter

We are writing on behalf of our members, associates, partners and supporters to ask that you support the City of Anoka’s request to make Anoka a stop for Amtrak.

All Aboard Minnesota is a non-profit citizen advocacy group that represents more than 2,500 members, friends and supporters throughout the state that actively seek more rail passenger service statewide as a needed transportation option and which will economically benefit the communities served and the state.

We believe it makes economic and mobility sense for Amtrak to make a stop in the City of Anoka:

  1. Two thirds of the Twin Cities estimated population live in the City of Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs
    • A stop in Anoka is more geographically desirable for citizens of Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs than St. Paul Union Depot
    • All Aboard Minnesota has heard this issue many times from prospective and existing passengers, desiring a stop in the northwest part of the metro and the Minneapolis area that is more accessible than St. Paul Union Depot
    • A stop in Anoka could drive greater use of Amtrak trains because of this increased accessibility in a highly populated region of the state
  2. The existing platform and parking lot built for Northstar could be utilized for this stop
    • The existing infrastructure already in place would make for an ideal stop in Anoka. We understand the current platform is 450 feet long and could accommodate five cars
    • Accessibility from surrounding roadways is very good and we believe this existing Northstar facility could absorb additional Amtrak patronage without any additional expansion or investment
    • Metro Transit could coordinate the Empire Builder #8 stop in Anoka with existing Northstar service
  3. We are all believers that passenger rail drives economic benefits for the communities they serve. This additional stop would benefit businesses in Anoka and surrounding communities

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Best Regards,

Board of Directors

All Aboard Minnesota